Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m happy to discuss your wedding day plans and all aspects of the photography, by email, on the phone or in person. However, here are some answers to the questions I’m most frequently asked.

What do I receive after the wedding?
You will receive links to online collections of your photographs. This will typically happen within one week. The link will not be published elsewhere, so you can choose with whom you share it. These photographs will be the full collection from the day – not necessarily every single photo taken (multiple identical shots of the same scene, any which aren’t properly exposed, etc. will be removed). You receive a link to a high resolution version of those images, ideal for printing as well as another to the same images with settings optimised for sharing online and social media. For each of those images, you will receive both colour and black & white versions. You also receive full rights to re-print the images, or use them online. You will also be given a link to an online album – a collection of the best one hundred or so images from your day, so that you can share the link with friends and family.

What equipment do you use? What happens if your camera fails?
I use professional digital cameras. I always bring several cameras to the wedding, any one of which could cover the whole wedding alone, but to ensure that you still get fabulous photos even if one of the cameras fails. I also bring a wide variety of different lenses, to ensure I can capture a good range of images and again have duplicates in case anything breaks. Finally I usually bring portable studio-lighting equipment, so we can capture beautiful portraits in any lighting conditions and once again, I have spares.

Are your images stored safely?
Definitely. My cameras save every photograph taken to not one but two digital memory cards, simultaneously. I use several memory cards throughout the day so that your images aren’t all on one pair of cards and I keep them with me at all times (i.e. they’re not left in a camera bag or in a car). After the wedding the images are copied to a computer, and from there to a backup disk. The original images are then copied to a secure cloud-based server and kept there for a minimum of 12 months.

What if you get ill?
I’ve never missed a wedding yet, but in the event that I became too unwell to attend I am part of a network of photographers who would be able to cover your wedding at no notice. I would still process your images personally and you would usually receive a similar number of images in the same formats that I would have produced.

Can you take a picture of …
I would be delighted to take any particular photos you require, be it of particular people or objects that are special to you. It’s best if you can tell me about these requirements in advance, so we can plan a suitable time, but I will always try to accommodate these special requests on the day if at all possible.

What about timing?
I only shoot one wedding on any given day and unless special arrangements have been made in advance I dedicate the whole day to your wedding, so I can generally start as early as required and finish as late as required. We can discuss the details in advance, before you make your booking.

How does booking work?
Once you’ve decided you would like me to photograph your wedding, I will send you a contract. It’s a straight-forward document which lays out the expectations on both sides. Once you return the contract to me (by email, if you prefer) you will need to send a 50% deposit. Doing these two things guarantees your booking. The balance of the other 50% is due before the wedding.

Do you do albums?
Absolutely. I love the tactile nature and the longevity of a beautifully printed and hand-bound album. You don’t have to commit to an album in advance – we can discuss it after the wedding once you have your images. My albums are professionally designed, all the images are retouched and they are printed to the vary highest quality.

Do I own the photographs?
Technically, no but in reality it’s not an issue: I grant the permission for you to do almost anything you want with them, including printing them, sharing them, etc. in fact anything non-commercial. However as the creator of the images, I retain the copyright to the pictures. If you do want to buy the copyright for the images as well then I am happy to quote for that.

Do you provide the RAW files (“digital negatives”)
Not normally, no. It would be like an artist you commission to paint your portrait giving you the rough sketches; RAW files are not the finished images and don’t include the artistic style you’re paying for. Instead you will receive very high quality, low-compression JPG images which are perfect for printing at any size up to around 40" across, the same as I would use for creating prints myself. Having said all that, if there is a handful of images for which you’d like the RAW file just let me know as I am generally very flexible and happy to accommodate.

What types of payment do you accept?
You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, cash or PayPal.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch.