My style: Beautiful, emotive images, taken in a relaxed way

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Read any article about choosing a wedding photographer and you'll you be told to see if you like the photographer's style. It's good advice, but it's easier said than done, because it's not just about the dozen photographs they show you on their website. Your photographer is going to be with you for 12 hours on probably the biggest day of your life so far; you want it to be someone you're comfortable with! The best way to find that out is to chat with them or meet them, which is why I am happy to talk any time. Please do get in touch.

From enquiry to wedding day

I'm always happy to meet, or talk on the phone or by WhatsApp messaging or video. I'll answer any questions at all about your big day before you make the all important decision to ask me to photograph your special day. We'll talk through your plans in detail, whether that's a minute by minute itinerary or just "turn up, say I do, get drunk"!

Once the date is in the diary I'm still very much available to you, right up to the day of the ceremony. I often visit the venue of the ceremony and reception in advance, if I don't already know it well, to get a familiarity which allows me to get the best from the venue. And I'll be in touch a few days before to check for any last minute adjustments.

We can also do a pre-wedding photoshoot, so you have some beautiful portraits of you as a couple before you're married.

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On the day

On your wedding day I'll arrive early to capture the fun of getting ready, as well as the emotion of friends and family building up to the big moment.

During the ceremony I'll be as discrete as possible, using silent cameras and being respectful of the moment, whilst documenting all the emotion and joy.

I'll stay right through to the party, making sure I'm in the right place at the right time to see all the fun unfold.

After the wedding

I'll deliver your photographs in under a week - nobody wants to wait months to see their pictures. I include lots of images (at least 300, typically around 500) in a mix of colour and black & white. I deliver them online so you don't have to wait in for something to arrive in the post. The images will be in two formats - one gloriously fully sized, ready for printing and the other a much smaller file perfectly prepared for sharing online. Not only that but I'll also provide a short photofilm, a slideshow with your pictures set to music, perfect for sending to family and friends.

Once you've seen your pictures I am sure you'll want to preserve them for ever and nothing beats a beautiful, hand-printed wedding album. There are lots of choices here, so we can talk about them when you're ready.

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Now you have a sense of how I go about wedding photography, let's talk about your day. I'd love to hear from you.